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Tracer is bugged in Overwatch 2 but she won't be disabled

Published: 14:17, 21 November 2022
Tracer at a rally, looking up at Mondatta
Overwatch - Tracer

Overwatch 2 tripped on yet another stone but it appears they are spread all over the road because the issue has been around for a while.

Blizzard used to be known for well-polished games and as a studio that wouldn't sacrifice development time for a quick buck. Unfortunately, that time is a relic of the past now as Overwatch 2 keeps demonstrating time and again.

Tracer is the newest bugged hero on the list but she won't be temporarily disabled while it's fixed, as was the case with previous issues .

It appears that the developers deemed the bug not too game-breaking but those who find themselves on the wrong end of a skilled Tracer's barrels might not be so convinced.

Namely, Tracer currently has no weapon damage dropoff under 20 metres. Considering she is supposed to be a high-risk, high-reward flanker that constantly gets in your face, this is problematic, especially because she is so slippery.

With effectiveness boosted at close range that is further than point blank, she becomes more of a threat than Reaper and if the player is good, you will never get a chance to actually kill her, except with a lucky headshot.

Blizzard Entertainment Let the Kitsune guide you... somewhere that's not below the map A well-placed kunai will drastically reduce a Tracer's chances of creating meaningful plays

According to Aaron Keller, this bug was verified on earlier builds even though it was discovered only recently. It was apparently found on the Halloween build as well, meaning the bug was around for a month before it became the centre of attention.

This is another one of those pointers that go to show Blizzard is no longer the company renowned for the polish of their games and that you shouldn't have high expectations for the likes of Dragonflight or even Diablo 4.


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