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Overwatch 2: List of maps in the pool for Season 3

Published: 11:57, 08 February 2023
Updated: 16:45, 08 February 2023
Havana debuts in Overwatch 2
Havana debuts in Overwatch 2

Some maps have left the rotations while others have come in and some have had a few visual alterations, here is a list of all of them.

Blizzard had the bright idea to introduce the map pool at some point and as soon as it went live, the Overwatch 2 community went berserk over the change.

Thankfully, the dreadful decision will be reverted in Season 4, making Season 3 the last one to have this "feature".

As such, here is the list of maps that have entered the Quickplay and Competitive rotation as well as those that left.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 map pool

  • Control
    • Ilios
    • Lijiang Tower
    • Nepal
    • Oasis
    • Antarctic Peninsula (NEW map)
  • Escort
    • Circuit Royal
    • Dorado
    • Junkertown
    • Rialto
    • Shambali Monastery
    • Havana (Returns from OW1)
  • Hybrid
    • Blizzard World
    • King's Row
    • Paraiso
    • Midtown
    • Numbani (Returns from OW1)
  • Push
    • New Queen Street
    • Colosseo
    • Esperanca

Maps removed from the pool

  • Control
    • Busan
  • Escort
    • Watchpoint Gibraltar (Second season in a row)
    • Route 66
  • Hybrid
    • Eichenwalde
    • Hollywood (Second season in a row)
  • Push
    • No changes

Map alterations

Some maps have changed the lighting between day and night, such as Havana, which is debuting in Overwatch 2 as a night map while it was a day map in the original.

Circuit Royale and Colosseo are maps that appeared with Overwatch 2, at the same time and they will now switch the time of day at the same time.


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