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Overwatch 2 breaks player count and earnings records in launch quarter

Published: 10:17, 07 February 2023
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Watch Overwatch League matches to earn exclusive rewards!

Overwatch 2 launch proved to be successful despite all the troubles but it remains to be seen whether the hype persists.

Activision Blizzard published quarterly financial results on February 6, 2023, revealing that Overwatch 2 launch as a free-to-play title caused a huge spike in player count and revenue.

According to the report , the launch "delivered the highest quarterly figures for player numbers and hours played in Overwatch history", which is something that was already known back when it was reported the game crossed the 25 million players threshold.

The influx of players also resulted in record revenue for the franchise as it appears there were enough people willing to pay for overpriced skins and a barren battle pass.

Not many details were revealed beyond that and there is no word on the player count or revenue trajectory towards the end of the quarter, which would signify whether the interest in the game is dropping off.

We would hazard a guess this is almost a given because Overwatch players were starved for content at the point when OW2 was released and the entire gaming scene zeroed in at the tile to see what the big deal was, as it caused years of draught for the original.

Once the initial hype disperses, free-to-play games generally see a sharp decline until they reach a point where the player numbers stabilise but there is no word on that data for the time being.


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