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Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay leak disappoints longtime fans

Published: 10:47, 07 February 2023
Dragon Age artwork showing a black dragon
Dragon Age artwork

BioWare may be heading down a slippery slope with the next Dragon Age instalment as it steps away from fantastic roots even further.

Do you remember that CRPG from 2009 that made everyone fall in love with a brand-new fantasy world? 

Now, what if someone were to use the same name and then step away from things that made the original great with each subsequent instalment and then crown it all by switching to a different genre?

EA and BioWare seem to be interested to find out with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf which is moving away from the CRPG roots and into the hack 'n' slash territory.

A set of details regarding the game leaked recently, including things like completely real-time combat that is a God of War copy, no way to assume control of party members, focus on singleplayer and that it is unlikely to launch in 2024.

Exclusively real-time combat is the first for the series, although each sequel attempted to diminish the role of the pause functionality further. 

What is more troublesome from a longtime fan's point of view is the lack of ability to control the party members, something Dragon Age: Origins was great at but Inquisition completely failed to do. Anyone who tried to order a party member to hold position while dealing with high dragons will agree on this one.

A glimpse of this hack 'n' slash combat leaked in the form of a short video as well and since it's still up three days after being posted, EA might be using it to gauge interest or dissatisfaction with what was shown.

Many were left less than impressed and if this is the best Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has to offer, it will not be the hail Mary BioWare needs after a decade of failed new releases.


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