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Why there is no new hero in Overwatch 2 Season 3

Published: 19:22, 07 February 2023
Follow these steps to stop Overwatch 2 from crashing mid-game
Follow these steps to stop Overwatch 2 from crashing mid-game

Overwatch 2 is already having a rough launch but the devs seem determined to continue the streak with the hero release schedule.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 has no new hero, which may surprise the players but Blizzard did warn us ahead of time, technically.

Before the launch in October 2022, the company stated three heroes would arrive on release and those were Kiriko, Sojourn and Junker Queen. 

They also said a tank would follow in the next season, that one being Ramattra, and after that new heroes would arrive every other season. If Blizzard sticks to that plan, new heroes will be released in seasons four, six, eight and so on. 

Such a schedule translates to one new hero every six months or two heroes each year. This is not particularly exciting but then again, 2018 was the last year that saw three releases.

One could argue this renders seasons somewhat incompatible as a model but that is only from the players' point of view. According to the quarterly financial report from Activision Blizzard , Overwatch 2 wrecked it with revenue, so people are definitely paying.

While Season 3 may be barren with just one new map to offer, Season 4 should be much better as it will have a new hero and the map pool will be gone, letting us enjoy all the existing maps in Quickplay and Competitive.


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