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Destiny 2: Functionality of perks with obscure descriptions explained

Published: 09:16, 10 October 2022
Destiny 2 - A very special Throne World
Destiny 2 - A very special Throne World

Destiny 2 has some weapon perks that may not be described very well so Bungie cleared it up, allowing players to better understand their rolls.

Bungie recently posted something in the form of an FAQ where they explained a lot things about Destiny 2 's inner workings that may not have been obvious to the average player.

Among these obscure things were several weapon perks that could look good on paper but not perform well on certain archetypes.

For example, there is an explanation on what Zen Moment does and why it's not good on Hand Cannons so here is a quick rundown because these are important things to know.

Adagio enhances weapon damage by a different amount depending on your weapon type. Well, it's really just a lower number on Bows and Shotguns, where the damage is enhanced by 20 per cent while it's 30 per cent for everything else.

The reason for lower damage buff on these weapons is their one-shot potential. With 30 per cent increase, bows can reliable one-shot Guardians with a headshot while Shotguns would effectively gain range as they would need fewer pellets to hit to score a kill and range has already proven problematic for them.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Something New Destiny 2 - 120RPM Hand Cannon with Zen Moment is an especially bad idea

Zen Moment is simply a perk whose description doesn't actually say what it does. Each hit with a Zen Moment weapon adds a stack that lowers recoil. At five stacks, recoil is reduced massively but not hitting anything for one second or reloading will erase all stacks.

As such, the perk is best used on a fast-firing weapon like a submachine gun or auto rifle but other types could benefit from it as well. Pulse rifles could get three stacks in an instant, making that next burst highly precise. On the other hand, it's terrible on slow-firing weapons like Hand Cannons as it takes forever to stack up and even when you do, there are only a few bullets left before you need to reload.


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