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New World is nerfing PvP rapiers with Brimstone Sands update

Published: 13:44, 10 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Rapier user ready to duel
New World - Rapier user ready to duel

Amazon Game Studios are doing a balance patch alongside the content drop in New World's Brimstone Sands update, with one of the nerf targets being the rapier.

Rapiers in New World are the agile melee weapons that excel when their users are nimble on their feet and that identity will remain intact when Amazon Game Studios nerf it with the Brimstone Sands update.

One of the major undocumented changes is regarding the Riposte ability, which parries an attack and then stuns the enemy. When it's upgraded with the Insult to Injury talent, the ability also makes the wielder's attacks uninterruptible for the next few seconds.

With Brimstone Sands update, Insult to Injury will provide 10 per cent empower for three seconds instead, meaning the rapier wielder will be more susceptible to crowd control.

In PvP, this is definitely a nerf because of the squishy nature of rapier wielders. The moment they are caught could very much mean the start of the last few seconds of their life.

On the other hand, Rapier provides immense mobility with Fleche, and to an extent - Evade, neither of which have been touched, meaning musket and bow users that utilise the melee weapon just for the escape mechanisms will not see much change. Outpost Rush will still be plagued by premade long-range teams.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Barnacles and Black Powder Rapier damage output in PvE will get better though, with Tondo and Flourish dealing slashing damage instead

With the aforementioned change, the users will still be able to dish out massive damage to the target they stun by using Riposte, provided they don't have any teammates with crowd control that could interrupt the burst of attacks that follows. 

Therefore, the nerf will primarily affect the rapiers' performance in the arena while duels will mostly remain unchanged, just like OPR and world PvP due to the inherent chaos that often means soft targets get to sneak their moves through without disruption.

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