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Niantic asks players to not visit a park unless they paid for Pokemon Go event

Published: 11:53, 21 February 2023
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Niantic issued a bizarre request after the failure to deliver a high-quality event for their mobile giant, Pokemon Go.

Niantic is no stranger to failed events in Pokemon Go but for some reason, these disasters were swept under the rug for a long time which only prompted more to show up.

Something like that happened with Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas where a public park was supposed to be the venue for the event.

However, a large number of players who didn't pay for the event ticket showed up, which caused connectivity issues with the game for everyone, including those who had paid for the pass.

Niantic attempted to alleviate the series of problems with disgruntled players by offering event extensions but not refunds. 

In an even worse PR move, the company then asked the 17,000 players who didn't pay for the event not to come to a public park, which was by no means paid for by Niantic or anyone POGO-related.

Niantic Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Paykachu is allowed on the grounds, the rest of you - go home

Players quickly saw this as an egregious move as Niantic wanted to cash in and didn't bother to pay to reserve a venue and still had the audacity to tell people where to go in their spare time.

It remains to be seen whether Niantic will become aware of the tone-deaf statements they made or whether the players will hold them accountable.


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