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Why Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is delisted on Steam

Published: 16:29, 20 February 2023
Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic
Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic

One game is currently delisted on Steam through no fault of its own or that of the developers.

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is a city builder by Slovakian developers, 3Division , that has had a somewhat small but definitely loyal community that loved the game thus far.

Just like with any other community, however, a bad seed is bound to happen and that is what ultimately led to the game being delisted on Steam, which is probably just a temporary measure.

So how did one player lead to the game being removed from the biggest digital storefront? It turns out they are both creative and rather thorny.

The player in question created a set of rules and settings by which they played in order to make the game more challenging and immersive. The ruleset became popular among the players, which prompted 3Division to incorporate some of the concepts into the upcoming realistic mode.

It was at this point that the player started claiming ownership of the realistic mode and started abusing copyright laws to take down Workers and Resources' YouTube channel, website and ultimately the Steam store page .

The developers stated they will fight for their content and platforms and are already in contact with Valve, which should mean the game will be back up for sale sooner or later.


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