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Saints Row reboot budget was about the same as Horizon Forbidden West

Published: 02:31, 21 February 2023
Saints Row Self Made main characters
Saints Row Self Made main characters

Video game budgets are pretty massive these days but the lack of creativity causes them to flop terribly regardless of the amount of money invested.

Utilising resources efficiently is one of the tenets of success but some companies don't manage to nail it still. A good example would be the Saints Row reboot, which was recently revealed to have had a budget of $100 million.

That is no small sum and seeing the uninspired mess that was born of it makes one wonder if there is any hope for the future in the industry.

Games that were managed better, however, show that there is indeed as Guerrilla 's Horizon Forbidden West had only around 18 per cent higher budget while the difference between the products is day and night.


While Forbidden West didn't reach the hype levels of the original, the game was generally well-received and considered an upgrade, which can't be said for Saints Row.

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The failed reboot may be the highlight of the comparison but it is not the only game that proved to be a money sink that didn't yield a good experience for the players.

The Callisto Protocol had a much bigger budget than either of these games, standing at $165 million but the result was fairly mediocre and riddled with bugs.


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