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Bahasa Indonesia gets language support and additional event in Pokemon Go

Published: 01:54, 01 December 2022
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Indonesian players will see easier usage of the Pokemon Go app with the new language support while enjoying an exclusive event.

Niantic is adding Bahasa Indonesia language to Pokemon GO which should make it easier to navigate for all the players over the country. That said, the language is optional and players can choose to stick with whichever they were using before. 

On the other hand, this will undoubtedly be a great addition for the newcomers.

Indonesian players are also getting an exclusive event, Waktu Indonesia Nangkep, which has already kicked off and will last until January 8, 2022, at 8:00 PM local time, meaning it will overlap with Hoenn Mega Raid Day .

Field Research completions will award encounters with:

  • Bulbasaur*
  • Charmander*
  • Squirtle* 

Pokemon with a star can be found in their Shiny form.

Field research tasks can also award:

  • Venusaur Mega Energy
  • Charizard Mega Energy
  • Blastoise Mega Energy
  • Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle Candy

Niantic Pokemon Go - Hoenn Mega Raid Day is coming soon Pokemon Go - Hoenn Mega Raid

Completing Timed Research will award:

  • Star Piece
  • Rare Candy
  • Super Incubator
  • Encounters with Lapras* and Snorlax*

Active bonuses:

  • 2× Hearts available when adventuring with your buddy
  • 2× Catch XP
  • Chance of daily surprise encounters when you take GO Snapshots!

Visit the shop to claim a free box containing:

  • 10× Poké Ball
  • 1× Lure Module


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