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E3 2023 officially confirmed for June 2023

Published: 14:37, 26 September 2022
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ESA have officially announced that the world's biggest gaming expo E3 is returning next year in June. The show will feature separate industry and consumer days and spaces. 

ESA have confirmed the official dates for E3 2023. The legendary gaming industry expo will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center for a four-day event from Tuesday, June 13 through Friday, June 16, 2023, despite rumours suggesting  it may never return as a physical event.

The show will feature separate industry and consumer days and spaces for the first time ever. On top of this, ESA say the plan is in place to support and uplift partnered digital events starting June 11, 2023. 

Yes, this means that those big showcases from Xbox , Epic and other big publishers, with world premieres and exclusive reveals will once again air a couple of days earlier before the actual show. 

Here's the breakdown of the confirmed E3 dates:

  • E3 Business Days - Tuesday, June 13 to Thursday, June 15. 
  • E3 Gamer Days - Thursday, June 15 to Friday, June 16. 
  • E3 Partner Showcases - Starting Sunday, June 11.

KotakuAustralia image showing a crowd at E3 2019 gates E3 is one of the biggest gaming expos in the world and we're glad it's back in its full strength

ESA did not share the list of publishers that will be present at the show, since they are probably still trying to get as many of them onboard but they did say that list will be shared in the months to come. 

The next year's showcase will be operated by ReedPop, the same group that hosts events like PAX, EGX, Comic-Con and more. ReedPop VP of Gaming Kyle Marsden-Kish said E3 is one of the few events that allows gamers and publishers to come together and celebrate games.  

"E3 is one of the global gaming industry’s few opportunities to come together, unite as one loud voice, and show the world what it is creating," said ReedPop VP of Gaming Kyle Marsden-Kish. “Our vision is to reunite the industry by re-establishing the traditional E3 week, bring back that spark, and restore E3's role as a truly magical global showcase event for game creators and consumers.”


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