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GTA 6 budget size may be the biggest in the history of gaming industry

Published: 08:34, 27 September 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Annis ZR350
GTA Online - Annis ZR350

Following a bunch of leaks about the next GTA game, the same person inadvertently leaked a massive number when it comes to GTA 6 budget.

GTA 6 has hit a snag when it comes to keeping information under the wraps when a 17-year-old leaked gameplay videos, mechanics, screenshots and more from the game's early development.

The leaks confirmed the previous rumours about the game featuring two protagonists, one of them being female, for example. Rockstar and Take-Two acted quickly and now it appears the leaker is facing serious consequences.

Before he was apprehended, he tried to cash out on the breaches of various companies, including Rockstar and Take-Two.

In a conversation with groups of threat actors , the leaker mentioned that GTA 6 development started in 2014 and over $2 billion has been invested in it thus far.

The number is bigger than any game in the industry's history yet but it doesn't necessarily translate into higher quality. As time goes by, studios and publishers keep investing more in marketing, which doesn't benefit the end user at all.

This was perhaps best illustrated by Cyberpunk 2077 in recent years, which had a huge budget for the time but it was released in a barely-working state with even top-of-the-line PC hardware having performance issues while consoles fought tooth and nail to even run the game at launch.

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online Big budget was ultimately the end of Red Dead Online

Additionally, a massive investment is highly likely to force Rockstar into more aggressive monetisation, which doesn't bode well for the online component, with Red Dead Online being the perfect example of such a precarious position. In comparison, Red Dead Redemption 2 budget was reported to be around $600 million.

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