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Road to Vostok demo now available with new trailer

Published: 13:27, 27 September 2022
Road to Vostok
Road to Vostok
Road to Vostok

Solo-developed Road to Vostok is looking highly ambitious and seems to aim to please the fans of both Stalker and Escape From Tarkov.

Road to Vostok is an indie hardcore survival shooter that is currently in development by a lone Finnish visionary and despite being years away from full release, it already looks pretty amazing.

In case the "hardcore survival shooter" is not enough of a description, the moment you see the footage, it immediately becomes reminiscent of both Stalker series and Escape From Tarkov.

Due to the modern looks of the game, it bears more resemblance to the latter initially but the post-apocalyptic setting and singleplayer focus certainly remind of the famous series by GSC Game World .

On top of the new trailer, Road to Vostok also received a public demo, meaning you can download it from Steam at the very moment you are reading about the game.

Keep in mind that this is a demo of an indie game that is made by a single developer, not a studio, and Early Access is still about one year away as it's planned for Q3 2023. As such, you will only get a brief taste of things to come, channelled through a shooting range and base mechanics.

While some basic features are missing from the demo, like the reload animations, shooting feels fairly realistic and can be fun on its own. The demo download size is about 1.6 GB.

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