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IGI Origins gets a gameplay trailer, showcases stealth action

Published: 10:20, 27 September 2022
Antimatter Games
I.G.I. Origins - Sneaking up on an enemy
I.G.I. Origins - Sneaking up on an enemy

IGI Origins has received a gameplay trailer, putting joy on the faces of the fans of the original series as it confirmed stealth and tactics coming back as features.

Shooter games these days often end up being a compilation of fast action and snap movements with the player's crosshairs, with only a handful going for realism and other aspects of tense combat situations.

While it's not confirmed anywhere that IGI Origins will go for realism, the devs, Antimatter Games , are upfront about wanting the game to have more than just one approach to it.

The latest trailer offers a glimpse into these options that still end up with a pile of bodies left in the wake of our protagonist.

However, run and gun will not be the only way to do things in this game, as the trailer showed stealth gameplay as well as usage of certain tactics, clearly stating that Michael King, the protagonist, is not Doomslayer or anything along those lines.

He is much more similar to David Jones, the character we controlled more than two decades ago in Project IGI, requiring smart usage of tactics and stealth tools to weaken the opposition before taking them out.

Speaking of the stealth tools, the gameplay trailer also shows the iconic MP5SD, which is fitting since the game is set in the 1980s when the SMG was top-of-the-line hardware for wet work.

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