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Lost Ark adds the Machinist advanced class with the latest update

Published: 15:21, 28 September 2022
Lost Ark - Machinist high as a kite
Lost Ark - Machinist high as a kite

Lost Ark now has a new advanced class, the Machinist, which is bringing futuristic sci-fi tech to a setting where people are still riding into battle on horseback.

Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios have pushed a new update to Lost Ark live servers, bringing along a new advanced class, Legion raid and more.

The biggest highlight is the Machinist, which has joined Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist and Sharpshooter as the fifth advanced class for Gunner.

Chronologically speaking, this is probably the most advanced of the classes as the Machinist utilises high-tech machineguns, laser weapons, drones and even a mech suit.

Most of these gadgets are regular attacks which are suited for different purposes and it certainly doesn't look like the class lacks AoE damage. 

Once it's charged up, the Machinist can activate the identity skill that provides the mech suit, called Hypersync. Energy cores for the suit can be charged by landing attacks and they will deplete as the Machinist uses Hypersync abilities.

While the Lost Ark equivalent of Tony Stark took the spotlight, the September update has a lot more to offer. Kakul-Saydon for example is the third Legion raid and it's just in time for Halloween as it will pit a bunch of spooky clowns against the players.

Additionally, the September update heralds a few progression events that will help the players out as they chase the power to squash the enemies all over Arkesia.

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