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Lost Ark reveals the best K/D ratios among raid bosses

Published: 05:41, 09 February 2023
Lost Ark - Brelshaza
Lost Ark - Brelshaza

Annual celebrations often bring infographics and they often bring fun facts, like which raid boss has the best K/D ratio.

Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios put together a Lost Ark infographic in honour of the game's first anniversary in the west with all kinds of fun facts but what caught our eye the most is the K/D ratio for certain bosses.

Raid bosses are tough and sought after for a reason - with great challenge come great rewards but also a lot of deaths.

That said, the players have gotten their revenge and loot a good number of times so let's dive into it.

Brelshaza proved to be the toughest boss so far. Even though she wasn't around for that long, as evidenced by the lowest number of raid clears and player kills, she boasts the highest K/D ratio of 55.87.

Vykas comes in second, followed by Kakul-Saydon and then Valtan.

Smilegate Lost Ark Inforgraphic Lost Ark Inforgraphic

Even though Brelshaza is the queen of K/D, Vykas' raid proved the deadliest, with a total of 58,515,044 player deaths inside, compared to 12,276,051 deaths at the hand of the Phantom Legion.

Valtan is convincingly the weakest Legion Commander as players achieved the most clears with him while he struggles to keep the second-highest kill count and it looks like Kakul-Saydon will soon overtake him, despite being the target of almost 50 per cent fewer clears.



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