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League of Legends Season 13: Riot Games confirmed Ivern rework

Published: 14:33, 20 February 2023
Riot Games
Candy King Ivern
Candy King Ivern

Ivern, released in 2016, is an unusual champion in League of Legends. Unlike most other champions, he is an enchanter designed solely for the jungle.

Despite Riot's attempts to increase Ivern's popularity through various buffs, he remains one of the least-played champions in League of Legends. As a result, it seems that the only solution is to rework him, a sentiment echoed by Riot themselves. 

Despite his unique design and gameplay, Ivern is not a popular champion among League of Legends  players. Only a handful of dedicated players use him regularly, and he is rarely seen in competitive play. However, this is a shame, as there are very few champions like Ivern. He offers a unique playstyle that is both challenging and rewarding for those willing to put in the effort to learn how to play him effectively.

Overall, Ivern's unique design and gameplay make him a refreshing addition to League of Legends. He challenges the traditional way of thinking about jungling and offers players a new way to approach the game. While he may not be the most popular champion, he certainly deserves recognition for his unique abilities and playstyle.

Thing that sets him apart from other junglers is his unique passive ability, Friend of the Forest. Ivern does not harm jungle monsters to get experience and gold. Instead, he befriends them, allowing him to peacefully collect resources without causing any harm. 

While the extent of the changes is unknown, it is likely that Ivern will undergo a significant rework given his current state. This news is sure to be welcome to dedicated Ivern players, who have long hoped for changes to increase his viability and popularity.

Riot Games Astronaut Ivern Astronaut Ivern

As of now, no further information has been released about the Ivern rework. However, it can be assumed that it will come after the Lee Sin & Teemo ASU has been added to the live servers. Fans of Ivern will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating any news about the changes and what they will entail.


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