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League of Legends: Lee Sin set to receive ASU update

Published: 18:42, 16 February 2023
Riot Games
Lee Sin is among the champions that will receive buffs in patch 13.3
Lee Sin is among the champions that will receive buffs in patch 13.3

ASU update not only makes the champion more visually appealing, but it also improves their sustainability. Riot Games announced that Lee Sin is the next champion that will receive an ASU update!      

League of Legends  has been around for over a decade, and Riot Games has been releasing new champions consistently during this period. However, the visual quality of some older champions has not aged well in comparison to the newer ones. 

To address this issue, Riot has been updating the visuals of various older champions. They have done this through a Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU), which overhauls both the visuals and gameplay of a champion, and by making small changes such as updating visual effects or splash art.

The most notable update that Riot has implemented so far is the Art and Sustainability Update (ASU). This update is a new type of champion rework that improves a champion's overall visual quality, lore, and voice-over without changing their gameplay. 

Lee Sin, a highly popular champion in League of Legends, has been a fan favorite since his release. He boasts a high-skill floor and ceiling and has been a staple in ranked and professional play. Despite his popularity, his visual appearance has remained relatively unchanged since his release.

In a recent video, Riot Games showcased a preview of Lee Sin's new base model. The updated model is of exceptional quality and is on par with the standard of Ahri's new models. The sneak peek has left players excited about the potential visual updates that Lee Sin could receive in the future.

Although Riot Games has not officially announced a release date for Lee Sin's Art and Sustainability Update (ASU), it is speculated that it may take a similar amount of time as Ahri's ASU, which took over a year to develop due to the extensive number of skins she had. Given that Lee Sin also has many skins, it is possible that his ASU may not be released until 2024. 


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