League of Legends Season 13: The Ultimate warding guide in 2023

Published: 13:55, 03 February 2023
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Nautilus is among the champions that are free this week
Nautilus is among the champions that are free this week

Professional players in League of Legends buy control wards and work together as a team to secure vision, emphasizing the importance of this aspect of the game.

League of Legends  is a popular MOBA game where the objective is to destroy the enemy's Nexus to win. Vision control is a crucial aspect of League and involves securing sight lines with wards. It is important to note that while the support is often tasked with warding, every player should have a good understanding of vision control.

One of the most significant benefits of good vision control is that it gives the team more information, making it easier to win games. Despite the many intricate parts of League of Legends, it is relatively easy to get started and start having fun. New players should not feel overwhelmed by the learning curve, and they should simply start playing and pick up the game as they go.

League of Legends can be challenging to master, but it is accessible to new players. It is important to remember that players should not feel pressured to learn everything at once, but instead, take their time and learn as they play. With practice, new players can develop their skills, gain mastery over various aspects of this Riot  game, and eventually become skilled League of Legends players.

Best warding places - Laning phase

In a solo queue match, warding immediately after leaving your base is generally not advantageous as the information gained will be limited. It is more effective to ward at specific times in the game to better defend against potential threats.

Warding around 1:30 to 2:00 minutes in the river can help prevent ganks from aggressive junglers who aim to ambush you at level 2. Additionally, warding around the 3-minute mark, when you have information on where the enemy jungler started, can also provide valuable insights and help protect against ganks.

Riot Games Best locations to ward in laning phase Best locations to ward in laning phase

Best warding places - Mid Lane

As a mid laner, it is important to position yourself and ward according to the focus of your jungler. If your jungler is primarily paying attention to the top lane, it is recommended to ward the top side of the map and position yourself accordingly. 

This way, if an enemy jungler attempts to gank from the top side, you will have visibility and be able to retreat. If the enemy jungler chooses to gank from the bottom side of the map, you can simply move towards the safer top side.

Riot Games Best places to ward as a mid-laner Best places to ward as a mid-laner

Best warding places - Bot Lane

When you possess a superiority over your enemies in the bottom lane, it is recommended to advance your ward line in a strategic manner to maintain your advantage and gain further control of the area.

Riot Games Best bot-lane warding places Best bot-lane warding places

Best warding places - Top Lane

If you have the upper hand in the top lane, it's beneficial to increase your team's vision by extending it into the opposing team's jungle. After defeating your opponent or forcing them to retreat to their tower, use this opportunity to gain a more aggressive advantage by placing vision in strategic locations.

Riot Games Best top-lane warding locations Best top-lane warding locations



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