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Kojima's Stadia exclusive was reportedly a single-player Death Stranding follow up

Published: 14:05, 30 September 2022
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Death Stranding follow up was reportedly a single-play only game, which Google didn't like

Hideo Kojima had his Death Stranding follow-up project greenlit by Google but after the first mockups were shown, the company decided to kill the game entirely. 

Reports about Hideo Kojima's cancelled Google Stadia project emerged back in 2020 when the legendary Japanese creator said in an interview that he had a major project cancelled, which pissed him off.

After that, it was revealed that it was Google who cancelled Hideo Kojima's game , which was supposed to be an episodic horror, exclusive to Google cloud gaming platform Stadia. 

According to the latest reports, which have surfaced just as Google decided to kill Stadia , Kojima's game was supposed to be a single-player-only Death Stranding follow-up.

9to5google report that Google were initially happy with the concept and decided to move forward with the early development. However, once Kojima Productions made the first mockups and showed them to the Google bosses, the company decided to shut down the development entirely. 

Google felt that the single-player nature of the game would not work, believing that there was no longer a market for solo experiences. 

Hideo Kojima A picture of Hideo Kojima Hideo Kojima then decided to team up with Microsoft for his next cloud project

Rumours suggest that Hideo Kojima's cancelled Stadia project could be similar to the one he's making with Xbox at the moment. Apparently, his Xbox project is dubbed Project Overdose , an episodic horror title. 

Though, these are just rumours so definitely take it with a grain of salt. Hideo Kojima should reveal more about his upcoming Xbox game in the near future. 


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