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Hideo Kojima's Xbox exclusive is "almost certainly" called Overdose

Published: 15:03, 14 June 2022
Overdose logo recreation
Overdose logo recreation

Overdose is reportedly an episodic horror game built with Microsoft's could tech Azure. 

Xbox and Hideo Kojima are working together on a brand new. Head of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer and the legendary Japanese game creator Kojima announced their partnership at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase a couple of days ago, confirming that the game is early in development and will take a while. 

Officially, that's everything we know about the project along with the fact that this mysterious title will be using Microsoft's premium cloud tech Azure. However, there are a lot of rumours and leaks regarding Kojima's current projects and one of them states that Overdose is the cloud game that Kojima is building for Xbox.

Overdose was recently leaked by reliable Tom Henderson who now claims that  Overdose is "almost certainly" the Xbox cloud game.

AltChar screenshot showing hideo kojima and xbox logo Hideo Kojima's next game could be Xbox exclusive


If Henderson's info is indeed correct, this would mean that Kojima's Xbox game could be an episodic horror title that he pitched to Google Stadia heads who rejected the idea.

The details about this project are pretty scarce but we know it's a game that Hideo Kojima always wanted to make. Kojima also described the project as very challenging as it's a "never-before-seen" concept so expect all sorts of Kojima weirdness. 

All in all, we cannot wait to finally see what Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions have been working on for Xbox. Hopefully, that first trailer comes during the next twelve months. 

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