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Google rejected Hideo Kojima's proposal to create episodic horror exclusive for Stadia

Published: 07:51, 26 March 2021
Kojima Productions
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Kojima Productions

The Kojima Productions project is understood to have been presented as an episodic horror game but the deal was ultimately blocked by Stadia GM Phil Harrison last year.

According to the latest report from VGC, Google cancelled Hideo Kojima's episodic horror game, which was supposed to be exclusive for their cloud platform Stadia. The report states that Kojima Productions were keen to "innovate in the cloud gaming space" but the deal was ultimately shut down by Google Stadia GM Phil Harrison last year.

In an interview with a Japanese publication Livedoor in 2020, Hideo Kojima expressed his frustration with a certain publisher, saying that his major project was cancelled.  "I’m pretty pissed, but that’s the games industry for you," Kojima said, probably referring to this deal with Google Stadia. 

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Now that the project for Stadia is dead, it will be interesting to see if Hideo Kojima partner up with some other major game publisher like Sony, Microsoft or EA. Kojima previously worked with Sony so that seems like a safe bet but Microsoft have said they want to do more games with Japanese development studios, so who knows, perhaps Phil Spencer and the team already wrapped this one up.

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All in all, the decision to cancel Hideo Kojima's project certainty seems like an odd one, especially now that Google Stadia has been on a downfall but who knows, perhaps Stadia have a bigger rabbit in their magic hat. 

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