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Hunt Showdown adds tutorials and more in new update

Published: 02:17, 30 March 2023
Hunt: Showdown - The Ward of the Reptilian update goes live
Hunt: Showdown - The Ward of the Reptilian update goes live

Update 1.12 brought a whole lot to Hunt: Showdown which should improve the experience for both veterans and newcomers.

Crytek updated Hunt: Showdown to v1.12, bringing along new tutorials, questlines, a wildcard contract and improvements for solo players, among other things that may not be as much of a highlight.

In the way of tutorials, there are two new ones that will help players catch up with Hunt's mechanics with Geralt of Rivia's voice to lead you through the adventure. 

Basic Tutorial explains the core mechanics such as controls, gunplay, monsters and more while Advanced Tutorial will provide a clue to locate a Boss Target which then needs to be fought and banished to earn a reward.

For a limited time, The Ward of the Reptilian questline will be available, allowing players to earn rewards across six acts such as Legendary equipment, weapon variants and more. The quest will be available until May 1, 2023, while the second quest, Vengeance of the Skinned doesn't seem to have an expiration date. Keep in mind that teammates' contributions will count toward your goals and vice versa, which was not the case before.

Wildcard Contract will allow Hunters to join a queue of other players with a similar choice in mind, allowing them to hunt during the Night Time of Day.

Combat logs are now available as a direct result of community feedback, letting players check up to 90 seconds of previous activity before their Hunter dropped dead. This way, players can learn what caused the most damage and gain insight into what they should be on the lookout for.

While significant, this is only one of many quality-of-life changes that makes the bayou a little easier to live in.


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