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Crytek's Hunt Showdown is coming to Xbox One Game Preview program

Published: 12:14, 12 March 2019
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Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is coming to Xbox One through Xbox's Game Preview program, the developer Crytek officially confirmed in a short teaser. The studio didn't share a specific release date but the game should drop sometime in Spring 2019.

Crytek's hybrid of battle royale genre and tactical shooter is available on Steam's Early Access for just over a year now, and during that period, the devs introduced numerous content update which included new weapons, enemy types, game modes and a brand new map.

In Summer 2018, Crytek officially announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring their online bounty hunting shooter to Xbox Game Preview Program. Since then, the devs didn't really talk much about the potential release date, but now we have a clearer picture at Hunt: Showdown's launch on Xbox One. 

Crytek shared a new teaser trailer in which they revealed Spring 2019 as the release date. Still nothing specific, but at least we know that Hunt will drop in the next few months.

The info about the Xbox One release is pretty scarce at the moment, so we can only assume and hope that Hunt: Showdown will launch on Microsoft's console with all the content that is available to PC players. 

As for the PlayStation 4 version, that's still way off as Sony doesn't support early access programs on their platform, and the likely release is expected after the full launch.

If you're unfamiliar with Crytek's title, Hunt: Showdown pits up to ten players against each other and various types of monsters. The goal is to find the ultimate boss monster that is hiding in one of the several places on the map. Once found, players have to slay and banish the monstrosity and extract the bounty to win the match.

The game is available in solos and duos and Bounty Hunt and Quickplay modes. The first one is standard game mode while the latter offers a shorter match in which players race to find and close four rifts as they compete for a diminishing pool of bounty.

Crytek Two men shooting at a monster that's on broken wooden bridge Hunt: Showdown

In other Hunt: Showdown news, Crytek just launched 5.0 update which introduces a brand new enemy named Immolator, new semi-automatic pistol, shotgun rebalance as well as numerous bug fixes. 

You can check the on Hunt: Showdown Steam page. 

Hunt: Showdown

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Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown

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