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Crytek's hybrid battle royale Hunt Showdown getting a F2P mobile release

Published: 11:28, 21 November 2020
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Hunt: Showdown

According to leaked Crytek files, Hunt Showdown is coming to mobile both iOS and Android. It will be free-to-play and more friendly and colourful in order to maximize the target audience.

Crytek's leaked files have revealed a ton of information about the publisher's released and upcoming projects. Judging by the data, Crytek plans include more Crysis titles but their battle-royale hybrid Hunt Showdown is also a part of the future releases.

To be more precise, Hunt Showdown is being ported to mobile, both Android and iOS. It's supposed to be launched as a free-to-play title and will have some big differences from the premium version on PC and console. 

Apparently, the game's atmosphere is going to be more friendly and colourful than the PC and console version, in order to maximise the target audience. It will have an in-game store where players will get to buy purely cosmetic items. 

Twitter crytek leak revealing Hunt Mobile details Hunt Mobile

Crytek also have plans for seasonal Battle Passes that will be coming out every three months and expect to hit 6.7 million downloads within the release month.

It will be interesting to see just how well will players accept the new colourful content of Hunt Showdown. We understand that it may be impossible to port the PC version to mobile with the current visual style and high-end graphics but on the other hand, players probably don't want another Fortnite-like game, especially since Hunt Showdown is quite a unique experience. 

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