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New enemy boss named Immolator is coming to Hunt: Showdown

Published: 16:05, 22 February 2019
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Hunt: Showdown is adding a new aggressive type enemy boss to its roster. Revealed in the new teaser trailer, the monster is named Immolator. By the looks of it, he'll be one of the fastest enemies players will get to encounter in the game.

Crytek's horror FPS Hunt: Showdown is set to receive another big update. The developer announced that the next bit of content coming to their early access title is the new boss monster named Immolator.

Revealed in the very short teaser trailer, Immolator is an aggressive new AI class with fire skills and fast movement. However, while he can be a real threat once he notices you, Immolator will remain dormant until a Hunter gets close to him.

According to the detailed description on Crytek's blog, Immolator has the ability to charge at nearby movement, blaze into flames when shot, and make "your life hell in various other ways".

The goal with the new monster boss was to add another layer of combat to the game. For example, every enemy in Hunt: Showdown offers a different engagement - the Hive forces you to move out of cover while bigger monsters have strong melee attacks. Immolator is a chaotic type monster that can quickly cause havoc to multiple enemies in the area.

However, the same design that makes Immolator different from other monsters in Hunt: Showdown also made him a bit of a technical complication. The maps in Hunt weren't designed for a lot of AI movement and given that Immolator is fast and loves to charge at players, the devs had to make him even more "special".

This means that Immolator will have different interactions with the world if he's unable to reach Hunters. He'll blow up a nearby barrel to try and damage them or kill other AI in frustration.

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Players can even use Immolator against other enemies and Hunters. For example, if you notice him from distance, shooting at him while there's someone prowling around will make Immolator attack anything that moves in his range.

Immolator is now live on Hunt: Showdown test servers.

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