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Metal Hellsinger gets Dream of the Beast DLC

Published: 18:42, 29 March 2023
Metal Hellsinger: Dream of the Beast features Cristina Scabbia's vocals
Metal Hellsinger: Dream of the Beast features Cristina Scabbia's vocals

Metal Hellsinger has received a DLC drop that is paid but frankly quite the steal, given the comparison of the price against what you get for it.

Metal Hellsinger 's rhythmic shooting has been enriched with Dream of the Beast DLC with which Funcom and The Outsiders decided to break the rules of greed that permeate the modern gaming scene as it offers a pretty good bang for the buck.

Standing at $4 / €4, one would normally expect a single cosmetic item or a minor item that is useful for roughly five minutes before it gets tossed into obscurity.

Instead, Dream of the Beast brings:

  • Two new songs
  • One new weapon
  • Three new outfits for The Unknown

The two songs are Leviathan and the eponymous Dream of the Beast. Leviathan features the vocals of Will Ramos from Lorna Shore while Dream of the Beast is sung by Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, a metal band that is just one year short of its 30th anniversary at the time of DLC's release. 

As for the new weapon, it will shoot exceedingly fast at the player's enemies in rhythmic bursts and using the ultimate will result in a rain of bullets that might blot out the sun, if you can find it.

The three new outfits will provide different bonuses, depending on how you dress The Unknown. Dark Devote causes fury boosts to provide a single-hit shield, Morning Star causes the boost to replenish health and Angel Eyes will increase a weapon's maximum ammo per clip on each reload, which resets upon switching weapons.

You can switch the new songs in freely thanks to a feature that was added post-launch.


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