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Here are the first leaked screenshots of a new Armored Core game

Published: 16:02, 10 January 2022
Armored Core leaked screenshots - set 1
Armored Core leaked screenshots - set 1

A total of 16 screenshots from a rumoured Armored Core game have surfaced via ResetEra two days after the initial Armored Core leak. 

A couple of days ago, ResetEra user RedLiquorice shared the first details about a brand new Armored Core game by From Software . The details come from a consumer survey and include a ton of info about the gameplay, world and much more. 

The leaker claimed that they've seen several screenshots of the game and today, they have shared a total of 16 screenshots, which give us a first look at what appears to be a new Armored Core game. 

You'll notice that the screenshots have been heavily watermarked to help identify the potential leakers so you won't get a clear image but it's still more than enough to give us a closer look at the graphics and the art style. 

Here are the first Armored Core screenshots:

ResetEra/RedLiquorice Armored Core screenshots - set 2 Armored Core screenshots - set 2

ResetEra/RedLiquorice Armored Core Screenshots - Set 3 Armored Core Screenshots - Set 3

ResetEra/RedLiquorice Armored Core screenshots - Set 4 Armored Core screenshots - Set 4

The screenshots confirm that players will be able to participate in both land and air combat which could result in some spectacular battles. Also, we've already have some details about the boss fights too and it does seem like the described boss fight is in the first set of screenshots above. 

From Software are yet to acknowledge that the details and screenshots are legit so take everything with a dose of specific until the official announcement, which probably won't be coming anytime soon since Elden Ring is the main focus for the Japanese devs. 

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