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New Armored Core game details leak: Souls-like boss fights, vast multi-layered world

Published: 11:59, 08 January 2022
Updated: 12:01, 08 January 2022
Vonschlippe Reddit
Armored Core wallpaper showing a huge robot
Armored Core

Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is directing the next Armored Core game, which is set on the planet of Bashtar and features a large, three-dimensional map. 

FromSoftware are currently wrapping up the development of Elden Ring but in addition to this highly-anticipated action RPG, the Japanese studio are rumoured to be working on at least another game and that game could be Armored Core.

Last year, we got some rumours about a From Software sci-fi RPG that reportedly started development back in 2018 and today, we have some fresh rumours that support that claim.

ResetEra user Red Liquorice shared a bunch of new info which reportedly comes from a consumer survey about a new Armoured Core game. Before we dive into the leaked details, keep in mind that this is not official info so definitely take it with a grain of salt. 

Armoured Core leaked details

The description of the game found in the survey

ResetEra/RedLiquorice Armored Core details Armored Core details

ResetEra/RedLiquorice Armored Core details 2 Armored Core details 2

Boss fight description

  • "The boss fight looked quite Soulsy - the long-range gunfire reminded me of Virtua On, that's my frame of reference, I'm not a mech fan and haven't played any AC games."
  • "The player character in a white mech went in close to the bigger robot boss and fought with like an energy or laser sword, this looked Souls-style."

The open-world details

"The field gameplay, the player in the same white mech seemed to be following a couple of other players in the distance (co-op?) and they were walking (flying close to the ground maybe) through a snowy area towards either a large wall or gate, this seemed Soulsy too, the vastness of the architecture, but it wasn't a castle more like a worn down metal/stone wall or gate."

Descriptions of the screenshots in the survey

  • 1- More snowy area, player character in the air firing down on a street with vehicles below (tanks? cars?)
  • 2- A smoke-filled aerial shot with an enemy in the distance.
  • 3- A darker green/grey toned area gunfire and light/fire coming from the combat everywhere.
  • 4- Snowy area again, ground-based combat against a similar-sized enemy (PVP?)
  • 5-8: These four looked like boss fight shots:
  • 5 - A bigger humanoid mech, white/grey. Player character has red lights on their mech, on ankles, shoulders and lower back.
  • 6 - A huge, tall armoured tank boss.
  • 7 - Difficult to make out, player on right, enemy another humanoid mech on left a yellow/gold slash(?) effect I think the player is attacking the enemy with a melee attack.
  • 8 - Gunfire battle with a circular yellow effect in front of player character - blocking the gunfire with shields or some attack? Shape and colour reminds me of the Heal miracle in Dark Souls, golden circle.

FromSoftware Armored Core snowy region Armored Core

Now, this is a huge chunk of info about the game and we really have to say that the details got us excited for a brand new Armored Core game. But once again, we will have to wait for the official confirmation before starting a hype train.

That being said, Hidetaka Miyazaki did hint that From Software are already working on a new Armored Core game back in 2017. Since then, we didn't get many details, though, as the team worked hard on other titles including Sekiro and Elden Ring. 

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