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God of War: Ragnarök: Playtime, Playstation Stars points and more

Published: 08:35, 08 October 2022
God of War: Ragnarök will continue its journey into Norse mithology
Here's what you need to know before playing God of War: Ragnarok

After a significant delay, the new release date for God of War: Ragnarök is approaching. Let's dive into everything that we can expect with Santa Monica Studio's newest addition to the God of War franchise.

With the original release date being moved from 2021 to November 9th, 2022 we are left with roughly a month before the release of Sony 's new addition to one of their most anticipated franchises.

 It is safe to say that there will be no more delays as the competitor for the best game of 2022, God of War: Ragnarök is approaching its launch date at light speed.

Gameplay Length

With the leak of the download size , the next piece of information comes as a bit of a surprise. David Jaffe mentioned on his Youtube Channel that God of War: Ragnarök is going to have 40 hours of gameplay in total. 

It will take around 20 hours to complete the main story, 4 out of those 20 hours will be reserved for cinematics, leaving us with roughly 16 hours of active gameplay. 

The side quests will take 20 hours to complete with cinematics and cutscenes taking up roughly one hour out of the mentioned 20.

IGDB A peek into the new God of War game A peek into the new God of War game

When looking at Sony's 2018 game, God of War, the time needed to complete the main story for both games ends up being the same, with the difference laying in the additional 8 hours needed to complete the sidequests in God of War: Ragnarök.

While nobody would complain about the additional content, it is important to mention that 2018's God of War had a download size of 34.6GB for PC and 45.6GB for PlayStation , making it almost half the size of God of War: Ragnarök's 90.6GB.

Playstation Stars and Playstation Pre-orders

Playstation Stars is Sony's new loyalty free-to-join program that celebrates the players by allowing them to earn trophies and achievements through winning tournaments or doing "Monthly check-ins" by playing games and participating in campaigns.

Members can earn loyalty points that can be redeemed in a catalogue that may include PSN wallet funds. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members who are also part of PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for purchases on the PlayStation Store. 

With this new program, players started wondering if they will get any value out of the games they have pre-ordered, and Sony was quick to provide answers after hearing these concerns. 

It has been announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers who have already placed pre-orders for either or both God of War: Ragnarök or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on PSN are eligible to receive loyalty points.

Playstation Network Message PlayStation sent out to regarding pre-orders


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