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Starfield to feature Nvidia RTX ray-tracing according to a developer's LinkedIn

Published: 08:40, 07 October 2022
Starfield would certainly benefit a lot from ray-traced lightning
Starfield would certainly benefit a lot from ray-traced lightning

Sci-fi RPG Starfield may implement Nvidia RTX ray-tracing features according to a Bethesda developer's LinkedIn profile.

Nvidia RTX ray-tracing is seemingly being implemented in Bethesda's long-awaited sci-fi exploration RPG Starfield

According to a LinkedIn profile of Bethesda Game Studios Graphics Programmer Germain Mazac , the team already worked on RTX integration. Mazac was part of the team and his LinkedIn profile mentions PBR Lightning, Indirect Lightning and RTX Integration.

Sadly, there are no additional details about Starfield's RTX features. We don't know if the game will utilise a full package of ray-tracing including ray-traced global illumination, ray-traced reflections, and ray-traced shadows or if Bethesda devs plan to go with only one feature and slap the Nvidia RTX badge on Starfield and call it a day. 

Starfield's first gameplay trailer did feature some incredible lightning, especially global illumination but Bethesda did not confirm if ray tracing was active or not during that showcase. To be fair, they didn't talk much about the technical stuff since the focus was solely on showing what is Starfield and how big it is. 

We certainly expect to hear more about Starfield in the coming months. Perhaps, Bethesda even give us a release date so we can start counting down the days to this highly-anticipated title. 

Bethesda Starfield Starfield will take players on a memorable journey across the universe

Starfield is confirmed to be coming sometime in 2023. The game will release on PC and Xbox Series X|S via Game Pass. 

PlayStation 5 version was in the works before the Bethesda acquisition by Microsoft but Starfield won't release on Sony's platform and is an Xbox console exclusive.


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