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Hideo Kojima's new game confirmed to star Maleficent's Elle Fanning

Published: 11:50, 07 October 2022
Hideo Kojima's next game will star Elle Fanning
Hideo Kojima's next game will star Elle Fanning

Just as players predicted, Elle Fanning is in Hideo Kojima's next game. Kojima is also teasing more reveals at PAX and future gaming events. 

Hideo Kojima has officially confirmed that Maleficient star Elle Fanning will take a major role in his next game, which is still under the veil of mystery. 

Kojima Production's new game could be Death Stranding 2, which is confirmed to be in development , or the leaked Overdose , which could be the recently announced Xbox Game Studios project. 

More official news are expected at PAX expo, as Kojima himself is teasing the reveal at this gaming event, and another secret event later this year.

Kojima's cryptic message on Twitter confirms that another big female star reveal will happen at PAX. Legendary Japanese creator also revealed a new image, in a similar fashion to the one of Fanning, a couple of weeks ago.

Hideo Kojima's new game reveal schedule: 

  • PAX→"WHERE"→???
  • ???→"???"→???

Hideo Kojima Where Am I? - Kojima is teasing another big reveal at PAX Where Am I? - Kojima is teasing another big reveal at PAX

We bet that Kojima plans to reveal the game at The Game Awards 2022 show with his buddy Geoff Keighley. And we also think that this one might be Death Stranding 2 since Kojima's Xbox project is probably a bit far away. 

All in all, it will be interesting to follow Hideo Kojima in the coming weeks and months as the mastermind seems to have plenty of ideas for the reveal of his new game.

Whatever this new title is, we cannot wait to play it and experience all sorts of weird stuff that Hideo comes up with. 


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