Should you start or come back to New World in late 2022?

Published: 22:52, 18 September 2022
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New World - Heart of the Tempest expedition
New World - Heart of the Tempest expedition

Depending on whether you ever played New World, you might be asking yourself whether it's a good time to come back or start it in late 2022 so we compiled thoughts and facts in hopes of helping you come to a decision.

New World started off in a rough shape that was followed by an exodus of players and a blemish on its name but the game has recently started making waves again so you might be wondering whether it's worth getting in or returning to Amazon 's MMO in late 2022.

Here are our thoughts on that, depending on whether you're a potential new player or you quit a while ago, from the perspective of someone who quit it already and returned during the summer of 2022.

Is New World worth it for new players in 2022?

For new players, the answer to this question relies entirely on what they expect from an MMO. Is it all about gameplay, or perhaps an immersive story-rich world or maybe a competitive PvP scene you are willing to grind for? 

Before I get into the details, there is one disclaimer - crafting is extremely grindy in this game and stops being fun fairly quickly. Because of this, you are going to have to rely on RNG to get good items in late-game unless you are willing to go through an excruciating grind. This is neither a deal breaker nor a good thing to have but it's significant enough to warrant a warning before getting invested.

In the case of gameplay, New World stands out as an action MMO that is definitely a fun experience with its numerous weapons. Abilities are tied to the weapons the player wields but they also get two distinct talent trees for each of them while providing quick and responsive combat which makes the gameplay loop entertaining for a very long time. 

Therefore, if you are simply looking for something where you could fight with different styles and have a lot of options, I would say New World is absolutely the game for you.

While those who seek thrills through combat have a lot to look forward to in New World, it's the opposite for those who want to get immersed into the universe. There is a bit of lore in the game but the vast majority of it is scattered through entry pages you need to pick up in the wilds. Proper storytelling is lacking and the game is in severe needs of compelling characters. If you are looking for a story or fleshed-out characters in New World, you are out of luck.

PvP fans can have a lot of fun in New World thanks to the aforementioned gameplay but the game does suffer from long queues and in some cases lag and performance drops. The latter two are pretty much exclusive to mass PvP combat in modes such as Outpost Rush (20v20) and War (50v50).

Additionally, the server cap and the lack of cross-server Arenas and OPR cause long queue times, as well as frequent stomps since the theoretical maximum pool of players, is 2,200. That is never the case though as most players seem to be interested in PvE exclusively. With all that in mind, New World PvP is best summed up by Ivan Gennaro Gattuso . What that means for you is that the game deserves a shot but temper your expectations.

Amazon Game Studios New World chest run New World

Is New World worth coming back to?

The game shed most of its players around the time when the series of barely-working patches were crowned with terrible decision-making that increased the grind for crafting while gutting high Gear Score trades with Expertise. This was my own experience and it's from this standpoint that I will try to help your decision out.

Crafting grind is still persistent in the game but it has been dialled back from the previously nerfed experience numbers. That said, there is still a lot of grinding to be done if intend to max out your trade skills but the good news is that you can work around them through either trading or farming endgame content.

Gear is now consistently awarded from PvP activities and Expertise, which is needed to maximise your Gear Score, is easily increased through daily activities and expedition (dungeon) farming.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Gypsum Cast Expertise bump on Amulet slot New World has significantly increased Expertise games, to the point where it no longer disgusts the players

That latter part probably caught your eye since expedition farming is now possible, thanks to the removal of the Tuning Orb (dungeon key) mechanics. Players are now limited to 25 runs a week instead, which is still plenty and pretty much allows people to get their Gear Score to 600 within the said week. 

Several new dungeons popped up over time and the game is getting another one soon when the new area gets released on live servers.

When you go to the bottom line, New World is definitely worth coming back to if you saw the game's potential and it kept you wanting AGS to iron out the kinks that made the experience worse. On the flip side, I don't see the game as any more immersive than it was back at launch so if that's what threw you off initially, the present-day New World isn't going to win you over either.

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