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God of War: Ragnarok download size has seemingly leaked

Published: 09:22, 21 September 2022
Updated: 09:27, 21 September 2022
God of War: Ragnarok - kratos and atreus
God of War: Ragnarok will take a hefty chunk of your PlayStation storage space

God of War: Ragnarok will be a one chunky boy according to the early PlayStation 4 listing, which reveals a download size of over 90 GB. 

One of the biggest games of the year, God of War: Ragnarok , is almost here and today, we have the first info on the game's download size on PlayStation consoles. 

According to " PlayStation Game Size " Twitter user, who are known to accurately reveal the download size for upcoming PlayStation games, God of War: Ragnarok will take around 90.6 GB of storage space. 

Keep in mind that this is the PlayStation 4 version of the game and certainly not the final build so the size can definitely change by the time we get to download the game. 

Additionally, we expect the size to be even bigger on PlayStation 5 but not by a huge margin. For example, the PlayStation 5 version of Horizon: Forbidden West was around 87 GB while the PS4 version is just slightly smaller. 

Also, the size varies across various regions due to language packs, which is another thing to keep in mind. If the download size is indeed legit, God of War: Ragnarok is more than double in size over its predecessor God of War (2018), which weighs in around 45 GB, which is not surprising given that Ragnarok looks better and will have larger areas to explore among other things. 

Sony Is God of War Ragnarok Kratos' final adventure? God of War: Ragnarok will conclude the Norse storyline so expect a new setting in the next game

God of War: Ragnarok is set to release on November 9, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Sony are yet to announce the PC version of the game but we have heard some rumblings that Santa Monica Studio have a PC port in the works. 

Ragnarok will bring down the curtain on the Norse saga and possibly end Kratos' story. The devs previously said that the ending will be "surprising yet inevitable" , hinting at a big change for this popular series.


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