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Fade warns Brimstone of a terrifying vision in new Valorant lore

Published: 06:43, 13 January 2023
What could scare the person who controls nightmares?
What could scare the person who controls nightmares?

The cinematic teaser for Episode six has shown the agents in very different lights from what we are used to. One of the agents that has gotten a surprising amount of lore added to them is Fade. She has left a very worrying message to Brimstone in his office.

Lotus is the most lore-heavy map in Valorant and while it was supposed to be tied to Harbor only, it brings so many more agents into the story just with the teasers that were released for it.

The teaser features Fade in a nightclub in Istanbul, gathering information about something and that is pretty much all we know.

Once the Episode 6 update went live, Brimstone's phone got a new voicemail from Fade. In the voicemail, Fade tells Brimstone about a nightmare she had and how she saw the walls that were holding the world in place starting to crack.

This was an implication that a war between Omega Earth and Alpha Earth is closer than we might think.

Riot We need more Fade lore ASAP We need more Fade lore ASAP

Fade continues on to talk about the fear she could feel from the souls around her and the voices she can hear crying out to her.

She then talks about a cliff she climbed with the very last ounce of strength she had and at the top of the cliff she saw the end of time.

She ends the voicemail with a warning to Brimstone that whatever it is that has caused the vision cannot become a reality as it is worse than anything she has seen in her line of work.


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