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Destiny 2 will have 10 loadouts per character

Published: 10:40, 22 January 2023
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

One of the biggest concerns about one of the biggest Destiny 2 improvement has been laid to rest, partially.

When Bungie announced that loadouts are finally coming to Destiny 2 along with a pile of other quality-of-life improvements , everyone immediately hopped onto the hype train, which was nearly derailed when players remembered how transmog was treated when it was released.

The main question on everyone's mind was whether the 10-loadout limit was account wide or per character.

Bungie answered that question in a concise fashion , with the newly-formed Destiny 2 Team Twitter account.

Each character will have 10 loadouts which means we should have enough room for setups in just about any situation. 

However, there is also the matter of unlocking loadouts. Bungie noted that they will need to be unlocked and won't be given to the Guardians just like that, which may not sit well with the players who asked for them in the first place.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Loadout screen Destiny 2 - Loadout screen

Additionally, Bungie didn't specify how the loadouts will be unlocked, how much grind that will entail or whether the players will be pushed into buying the slots from Eververse.

It was these factors that caused mass disillusion with transmog when it launched originally as the players would have to settle for a handful of transmogs every three months or pay up. Let's hope Destiny 2 history doesn't repeat itself once more.


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