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League of Legends Season 13: Riot buffs Orianna, Zoe, Lillia and Annie in patch 13.2

Published: 22:27, 20 January 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends - Annieversary skin
League of Legends - Annieversary skin

Riot Games are buffing Zoe, Lillia, Annie and Orianna in the upcoming League of Legends patch 13.2! This patch is set to release on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.  

The lead designer for the League of Legends team, RiotPhroxzon, announced on Twitter  that four champions, Orianna, Zoe, Annie, and Lillia, will be receiving significant improvements in patch 13.2. 

Patch 13.2 will be the second patch of the new season 13 of League of Legends, and it is the first balance patch after the start of the new ranked season. In the previous patch, 13.1,  Riot  made improvements to several champions, reduced the power of seven others, and made minor changes to Jax. 

They also improved certain items, such as Axiom's Arc, Winter's Approach, and Rod of Ages.  Additionally, they made adjustments to Jak'Sho  and overhauled Seraph's Embrace.


Patch 13.2 will bring a significant improvement to Annie's ultimate, Tibbers. Tibbers will now have more sustainability and increased movement speed in the late game, making it a beneficial change for Annie as a champion.

Base Stats

  • Scaling Mana Regen: 0.8 > 1.0 

Passive – Pyromania

  • Stun is now primed on game start and respawn.

W – Incinerate

  • Mana cost: 90-110 > 70-110

E – Molten Shield

  • Now can only reflect damage once per target, per shield
  • Note: Tibbers duplicated shield counts as a new shield
  • E base shield: 40 – 220 > 60 – 220
  • Damage is reflected from all damage, not just auto attacks
  • E Movement Speed: 50% decaying to 15 – 35% flat

R – Tibbers!

  • Tibbers HP: 1300-3100 (+0% AP) > 1300-3100 (+75% AP)
  • Tibbers Resists: 30-90 (+0% AP) > 30-90 (+5% AP)
  • Tibbers Movement Speed: 370 > 350/375/400 (With ranks)


In Patch 13.2, Lillia will receive buffs as she has the lowest win rate in the current meta, despite getting some buffs in patch 12.23, then nerfed again in 12.23B. 

Despite being well-designed, she couldn't compete with meta junglers like Udyr, Maokai, Fiddlesticks. Therefore, Riot decided to give Lillia a much deserved buffs in upcoming patch 13.2

Riot Games Lillia skittishly wanders Ionia's forests Lillia skittishly wanders Ionia's forests


Zoe, like Orianna, is considered a less strong mage champion compared to others in the game. However, she is slightly more popular and successful in matches than Orianna. 

In the upcoming patch 13.2, Zoe will receive some small improvements, but not as significant as those for Orianna. Her current statistics show a win rate of 49.61% and a pick rate of 2.6%.


Orianna has not received any significant updates for a long time and as a result, she has become mediocre in the game. Despite this, she is still not a bad champion, but she is not particularly popular or successful in matches.

Even with the recent buff to the Archangel's Staff, she is not frequently chosen by players. Currently, Orianna has a win rate of 48.93% and a pick rate of 1.8%. To increase her prominence in the game, the developers at Riot will be improving her in the upcoming patch 13.2.


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