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Destiny 2 Season 21 ornaments will be PlayStation-themed

Published: 23:22, 22 May 2023
Destiny 2 cosmetics from the PlayStation crossover
Destiny 2 cosmetics from the PlayStation crossover

Season of the Deep trailer is coming on the day of release but before that, we got to preview the cosmetics that are coming to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 players often await seasonal cosmetics in anticipation and if the PlayStation fans are anything to go by, the next season will be a blast.

Namely, Bungie partnered up with Sony for a crossover collaboration, bringing three ornament sets and a Ghost shell inspired by PlayStation exclusives to Destiny 2.

While it's not officially announced yet, it is more than likely that these will be the seasonal ornaments that will be purchasable with Bright Dust during certain weeks.

The cosmetics, which you can see on the image above, are inspired by four different PlayStation exclusives, which should cause some interesting discussions among the Xbox community in Destiny 2.

Hunters are getting a set inspired by Aloy from the Horizon series, Titan ornaments are taking cues from God of War 's Kratos while Warlocks might feel the urge to fight some Mongol invaders, much like the Ghost of Tsushima .

As for the Ghost shell, it looks like the parasitic fungi that infected people in The Last of Us, completing the roster of some of Sony's all-time biggest hits.

Season of the Deep kicks off on May 23, 2023, so stay tuned to see which weeks will offer these ornaments for Bright Dust if you are not keen on paying $15 per set, not counting the shell.


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