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Destiny 2: Season 18 raid date and World First rules announced

Published: 09:24, 29 July 2022
Destiny 2 - Hunter on corrupted Leviathan
Destiny 2 - Hunter on corrupted Leviathan

Bungie revealed almost all the info pertaining to the next World First raid race in Destiny 2, although some key elements remain a secret.

Destiny 2 will have another World First race on August 26, 2022, when a raid will be unvaulted and ready to be conquered once again. Unfortunately, the name of the raid is currently unknown as Bungie will have a showcase on August 23, which is when it will be revealed. 

It's also possible they are keeping it a secret for the time being in order to avoid revealing too much for the contestants, who could come too prepared and wrap it up in half an hour, since this is not an exactly new raid.

Contest Mode will be enabled for 24 hours, giving everyone plenty of time to go through the raid, even if they are not aiming at winning the World First title.

In order to get the World First title, the team will first need to clear the raid while Contest Mode is active and then go through the newly unlocked Challenge Mode, which will require the team to complete a list of challenges for each encounter. Completing them will award a secret Triumph which is the race's objective and whoever gets it first will get the World First title.

Just to make sure no one walks out of an encounter without the conditions needed for the Triumph, teams will wipe if they fail to meet the conditions.

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Power level will be capped at 1560, which is 10 levels beneath the Pinnacle cap in Season 17, meaning it should be no trouble for the contestants to meet the requirement.

If you are wondering why this World First race is taking place on Friday, it's because Bungie is trying to avoid additional weekend work , which is something that caused major issues due to the state of Vow of Disciple when it launched. After all, devs are people too and crunching on a Saturday sucks for them as well.

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