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New World update fixes some season pass issues, improves objectives

Published: 12:07, 10 May 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Springtide Bloom is up and running
New World - Springtide Bloom is up and running

New World's season pass proved problematic in some areas so the developers are adjusting a few things to be more player-friendly.

Season and battle passes are so omnipresent in video games that one would think nothing can function without them but nothing could be farther from the truth.

When executed correctly, they are not much of a nuisance but New World 's had several issues that people kept complaining about so Amazon Game Studios are working to tone them down.

One such effort occurred with the May 2023 update that also changed a few things with Springtide Bloom.

First, the bug with level 60 players not receiving the "Just Getting Started" task is gone.

Second, there is a pile of season pass activities that were added:

  • (Each is a separate activity) - Kill 10 enemies in
    • Myrkguard
    • Imperial Palace
    • Malevolence
    • Eternal Pools
    • Beds of Ta-BitJet
  • Kill 2 named enemies
  • Kill 20 elite enemies

Amazon Game Studios New World - Springtide event New World - Springtide event

Other activities were simply adjusted:

  • Flawless victory in the arena simply became one victory
  • 1000 PvP experience went down to 100
  • Participation in three arenas went down to one
  • Doing 100,000 damage or healing in an arena went down to 50,000
  • Earning 5,000 Azoth Salt went down to 1,000
  • Completing two PvP faction missions went down to one

Similarly, season pass activities got adjusted:

  • T5 crafting went from five pieces to three
  • Consuming 10 T5 coatings went down to two

Some Season Journey tasks and challenge requirements were also reduced:

  • Outpost Rush wins required halved to five
  • Invasion completions needed are down to one
  • Open World PvP kills reduced from 50 to 15
  • Outpost Rush wins down from 100 to 30
  • Serial Killer now requires 100 kills, down from 500
  • Required Faction Control Point captures down to 30 from 50
  • Legendary Crafting requirement down to 100 from 125
  • Give me Gold or Give Me Death renamed to Mutation Master
    • Rating requirement changed from Gold to Silver


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