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Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour, October 7, 2022

Published: 20:53, 07 October 2022
Destiny 2 - Xur
Destiny 2 - Xur

Xur is back with another week of items that could potentially be useful to newer players but the veterans are unlikely to find anything that fits their builds.

Xur is located at the Tower hangar this week.

For the Destiny 2 players who are not familiar with the location, just open the map and find the last character marker to the right of it, which should be Amanda Holliday. Place a waypoint on her and follow it to reach the NPC.

At that point, turn left and go towards the landing pad while keeping an eye on the catwalks to the left to spot Xur, as seen on the image below.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Xur location in The Tower hangar Destiny 2 - Xur location in The Tower hangar

Bungie randomised Xur's offerings so technically, they didn't decide to send him in with a lacklustre inventory but it still happened. 

In any case, the items Xur is carrying this week are as follows:

  • Exotic
    • Hawkmoon (Opening Shot)
    • Dead Man's Tale (Fourth Time's the Charm)
    • Two-Tailed Fox
    • Wormhusk Crown
    • ACD/0 Feedback Fence
    • Contraverse Hold
  • Legendary
    • True Prophecy (Grave Robber / Demolitionist)
    • Stars in Shadow (Feeding Frenzy / Snapshot Sights)
    • Seventh Seraph CQC-12 (Slideshot / Vorpal Weapon)
    • Enigma's Draw (Grave Robber / Demolitionist)
    • Punching Out (Moving Target / Elemental Capacitor)
    • Escape Velocity (Threat Detector / Osmosis)
    • Negative Space (Tireless Blade / Disruption Break)
    • Opulent armour set
      • Pieces with 60+ stats
        • Titan - Chest, helmet, legs
        • Warlock - Gloves, chest, helmet
        • Hunter - Gloves, chest, helmet

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