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Overwatch 2 gets hero unlock challenges to mitigate monetisation issues

Published: 09:41, 30 November 2022
Watch Overwatch League matches to earn exclusive rewards!
Watch Overwatch League matches to earn exclusive rewards!

Having new heroes locked behind the battle pass grind is one of the defects of the new Overwatch 2 monetisation system and a change is Season 2 is aiming to make it less awful.

Monetisation in Overwatch 2 is horrible as the skins are mostly sold at ridiculous prices while the game pushes players to purchase the Battle Pass in order to get the new hero from the get-go.

The reason this is problematic is that Overwatch has players switching heroes mid-game in order to counter the opposing team and when they don't have the full roster, this becomes impossible and leaves the team at a disadvantage.

Blizzard announced a new way to unlock heroes from previous battle passes and OW2 launch to mitigate this problem but it will still be prevalent, especially with whatever the latest hero happens to be.

With Season 2, players will be able to acquire hero-specific challenges to unlock them. This will be possible for Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko.

Once the challenge is taken, players will be sent to the training ground to get familiar with the hero and then to win a set number of matches in order to unlock the hero. 

Blizzard Overwatch 2 - Rammatra Ramattra will still require the battle pass in Season 2

Unfortunately, this is still not going to be possible with the newest hero in any given season as they will still be locked behind level 55 of the Battle Pass.

For older OW2 heroes, there is also the option to pay to unlock them because of course there is.


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