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Red Dead Online will have triple rewards on Legendary Bounties for a month

Published: 02:53, 30 November 2022
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter
Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter

Red Dead Online will have a farming extravaganza soon as the game's most lucrative activities are getting massive payout boosts.

Red Dead Online has a handful of activities that are more lucrative than the rest of the grind and farming Etta Doyle Legendary Bounty is easily the best one.

As such, this will be the prime target for getting obscene amounts of money, experience and gold in December 2022 because the payouts will be tripled. Yes, Rockstar noted the bonus will apply on cash and gold on top of XP.

If you are not sure what to do or have never done a Legendary Bounty before, make sure you invest in the Role and check out our guide on how to successfully farm Etta for those sweet payouts.

While the Legendary Bounty cooldown is active, you can jump in and do Infamous Bounties instead to get the same payout bonuses. 

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online - Waiting before turning Etta in Etta Doyle is about to have a terrible month

The caveat here is that you need to purchase the additional license beforehand and it would be highly advised to get the Bounty Hunter wagon so the captured ones don't escape while you're trying to nab the rest of the gang. At least the Prestigious license will be discounted by 10 gold bars for the duration of the event.

Meanwhile, Call to Arms is awarding triple cash and experience so as long as you're not looking to score some gold, this will be a fantastic way to earn money as well.


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