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Season 2 introduces new Overwatch 2 map and brings a truck of hero balance changes

Published: 01:22, 01 December 2022
Overwatch 2 - Shambali map
Overwatch 2 - Shambali map

Season 2 in Overwatch 2 will bring more than just cosmetics to the game but some things will have to go on a cooldown as well.

Blizzard is gearing up for the next season of Overwatch 2 with a pile of cosmetics but also some content that people will not have to pay for, such as the new map.

Shambali is an Escort map, meaning payload is the objective from start to finish, just like Route 66 for example. Despite what the name might suggest, it has nothing to do with certain services.

The map's significance, other than refreshing the gameplay loop to an extent, is that it used to be the place where Ramattra and Zenyatta once resided. Therefore, it is likely we will get some spicy banter between the two and possibly even more interactions on this specific map.

Blizzard Overwatch 2 - Rammatra Overwatch 2 - Ramattra

On top of the new arrival, we will see the return of two classic maps that were missing previously - Rialto and Blizzard World. For those who didn't play the original Overwatch, Rialto is an Escort map while Blizzard World is Hybrid, meaning the attackers have to capture a checkpoint and then push the payload.

Oasis and Nepal will get day and night cycle, or at least an imitation of it but unfortunately, two other maps are taking a break. Hollywood (Hybrid) and Watchpoint Gibraltar (Escort) will not be around in Season 2.


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