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Alan Wake 2 won't have physical disc editions

Published: 16:55, 25 May 2023
Updated: 17:20, 25 May 2023
Remedy Entertainment
Alan Wake 2 will be distributed digitally only
Alan Wake 2 will be distributed digitally only

After the official gameplay trailer shown on PlayStation Showcase and confirmation of the release date for Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that the game won't have physical editions. Fans are not happy, to say the least.

Last night's gameplay reveal and reveal of new information about Remedy 's upcoming horror adventure Alan Wake 2 left fans with mixed opinions and mixed feelings. After many years, thirteen to be exact, fans will have a chance to finally continue with the adventure of a famous writer whose words turn into horror as he tries to save what little sanity he has left.

The fans have mixed feelings, mostly because of Remedy's decision to make the upcoming game disc-free, meaning all game editions will be distributed digitally over all respected platforms the game is planned to be released on. "Don't they know I cannot put the code into my disc collection, which I've been collecting for more than 20 years?" said one Reddit user.

Remedy is trying to justify this move by explaining that the majority of games are downloaded anyway, even if they have a physical edition, and that making the hard copies actually reduced the cost of the manufacturing process. If it's any consolation, the price of Alan Wake 2 will be significantly lower in comparison to other games, so the console version will cost $55, $15 less than usual, and the PC version will cost $50.

Putting all that aside, the new trailer we saw on last night's PlayStation Showcase revealed some very interesting information about the upcoming Alan Wake 2. As was seen in the trailer and later confirmed by Remedy, Alan will not be the only playable character in Alan Wake 2. The gameplay sequence shows that we will jump into the shoes of FBI agent Saga Anderson, who tries to solve the mystery of ritualistic murders by following the clues left by a serial killer.

The story will once again take place in Bright Falls, where Alan Wake started his strange adventure fighting the forces of darkness and evil with his typing machine and flashlight.

The trailer confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will hit store shelves on October 17, 2023, and that the game will be available on PC  (Epic Games), PlayStation 5 , and Xbox Series X|S .


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