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Destiny 2: Cayde-6 is coming back for the next expansion

Published: 01:17, 25 May 2023
Destiny 2 - Cayde and the Guardian
Destiny 2 - Cayde and the Guardian

One of the fan-favourites from Destiny 2 is coming back from the dead but not entirely.

Destiny 2 has said goodbye to many characters over the years but many also find their way back, in one shape or another. 

Such was the case with Asher Mir and Sloane and now it Cayde-6's turn. Somewhat surprisingly, Bungie revealed a teaser trailer for their next expansion, The Final Shape, in the same week the second season of the current expansion started.

In it, we can see Ikora conversing with Cayde-6, who has been a goner ever since the opening act of Forsaken.

However, the brief dialogue suggests that Cayde is not coming back in full capacity as it is unveiled that there is some spacetime mess going on, possibly The Witness' handiwork.

On top of that, the presentation pretty much confirms the previous leaks to be true. Be aware, anything below the embedded trailer can contain spoilers for the expansion.

The leaks proved to be correct for the entirety of Lightfall so far and due to the trailer, it seems like it was correct about The Final Shape. It alleges that Cayde will act as our guide throughout the "Time Valley" which appears to be some sort of afterlife for the Guardians.

Additionally, Bungie confirmed that Nathan Fillion is back to voice the character and even though Nolan North did a fantastic job in Forsaken, it is always good to hear Cayde the way he initially was.


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