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FairGame$ - PlayStation Showcase's greatest mystery

Published: 12:58, 25 May 2023
FairGame$ - what we know so far
FairGame$ - what we know so far

The opening trailer on last night's PlayStation Showcase revealed the mysterious game called FairGame$, with no information on when or on which platforms it will be available. Here is what we have found out about FairGame$ so far.

For last night's PlayStation  Showcase, we can say that it caused divided opinions among the audience; some consider it a total flop, while others think that Sony  made a full hit with its Showcase at this very moment. In any case, the PlayStation Showcase is the most talked-about topic today, and Sony has thus accomplished its primary objective, publicity.

Putting all that aside, 33 new game trailers were showcased last night. Some of them we saw for the first time, and some were well-known already. However, from what we saw last night, a very rich rest of the year is waiting for us from the gamers' point of view.

Among the many trailers that were shown to us at last night's showcase, the opening one proved to be very mysterious. Sony decided to open the showcase with a trailer for the game that is still covered with the vail of mystery, FairGame$.

The opening trailer gave us a glimpse of the game, which looks mostly like some sort of mix between Payday  and Ubisoft 's Watch Dogs , following a group of young, modern Robbin Hood-like people who steal from the rich to return balance to a world full of too rich and too powerful people.

Additionally, it is evident at the beginning of the trailer that Haven Studios is in charge of developing FairGame$. For those who don't know, Sony acquired Haven Studios in 2022, making it one of a number of studios that now fall under their purview. The funny thing is that the founder and CEO of Haven Studios is Jade Raymond, the former CEO of Ubisoft Toronto and the biggest reason for the popularity of Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs serials, so this similarity between those two titles is not surprising at all. 

YouTube/screengrab FairGame$ looks like a mix between Watch Dogs and Payday FairGame$ looks like a mix between Watch Dogs and Payday

Given that the game is being developed by Sony's studio, it is safe to assume that FairGame$ will probably be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. As for the release date, we will have to wait for some additional information since Sony decided to leave us in total dark here, not showing even the year of the possible release.


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