Teamfight Tactics Set 8: How to play the Ox Force trait

Published: 15:53, 08 December 2022
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Ox Force Aphelios
Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Ox Force Aphelios

Ox Force is one of the best in-game traits you can go for as it gives an insane amount of Attack Speed to every Ox Force unit, while also providing a short invulnerability effect.  

Ox Force is another vertical Teamfight Tactics  trait in the new set, with breakpoints at two, four, six, and eight units, as well as an exceptionally strong buildable emblem that combines a Spatula with a Chain Vest. Its six League of Legends  troops receive extra Attack Speed and become invulnerable for one second after sustaining deadly damage for the first time in combat. 

They can be healed from this point of near-death, but the Guardian Angel-like effect cannot occur more than once. Players are happy with these new trait combinations that Riot Games provided in Teamfight Tactics set 8: Monsters Attack!

The breakpoints of the trait provide them the following amounts of Attack Speed, which rise with missing % health up to the maximum attack speed:

  • Two units: 20-40 percent
  • Four units: 50-100 percent
  • Six units: 100-200 percent
  • Eight units: 200-400 percent


Ox Force champions are as follows: Talon, Annie, Fiora, Viego, Aphelios and Alistar. Alistar, Annie, and possibly another Aegis splash are likely frontliners, with Viego and Aphelios serving as the composition's main carries.

They can fit into various verticals with their other qualities, but activating Ox Force on at least two units to offer a carrier the trait's bonuses is required. Splashing Ox Force is considered to be the trait's best win condition.

Riot Games Ideal Ox Force composition Ideal Ox Force composition

Attack Speed obviously favors some units and attributes more than others, but mana generation is very much universal, and hitting quicker means getting ults off more frequently.

Most significantly, because it is a buildable emblem, Teamfight Tactics players may offer the additional Attack Speed and invulnerability duration.



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