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League of Legends: All ranked system changes in 2023

Published: 15:54, 07 December 2022
Riot Games
New ranked system changes and rewards are coming to the League of Legends in 2023!
New ranked system changes and rewards are coming to the League of Legends in 2023!

Riot introduced a lot of changes in League of Legends preseason 2023. Now, for the actual season, they prepared some ranked system changes. Here is what we know so far!

Riot Games' latest release contains a wealth of information. It is a complete reorganization of the ranking system and the awards distributed. Let us begin with the ranking system and then go on to the reward modifications. Here is everything you need to know about the new ranked changes in 2023.

The new League of Legends ranked system will be more liberal than ever before. It is also divided into two sections with extra prizes for gamers. Players can still enjoy the old ranking system in this Preseason 2023. The ranking system has been modified as follows:

  • The ranked System will now have two ranked resets
  • There will be two Splits, with each ending in a reset and rewards
  • Split 1 will start in January, while Split 2 will start in the middle of the year (the exact time is unknown)
  • The promotion Series between Tier (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Etc.) is being changed from Best of Five to Best of 3
  • Visible Rank Influence is also being reduced from matches

Riot will be providing greater prizes, hence the ranking awards will also alter. In addition, each division will receive its own Victorious Skin as a reward. Victorious Skins will no longer be Gold or higher awards, but will instead be determined by how often users play games.

Victorious Skins will now be rewarded to players below Gold if they play significantly more games than higher ELO players. Furthermore, regardless of whether or not a player earns Gold during the split, they will receive the skin.

Aside from the triumphant skin, playing games will earn points depending on wins and losses, with victories providing more points than losers. As previously stated, these split points will yield greater benefits in terms of milestones. Hextech Keys, Hextech Chests, and other delights will be among the new awards.

Finishing a split in the Gold or above levels will reward players with distinctive chromas according to their rank. Overall, this is a total 180-degree flip to reward players that put in the time and effort to play ranked and climb the ranks.


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